School Away From School 


How It Works 

  • All participants must be willing to commit on a monthly basis (no exceptions) 


  • All students will have access to Wifi for their classroom assignments. They are to bring their own computer (they may leave it here with us for safe keeping) along with their online class schedule. We will then create a daily schedule that fits their needs. 

  • The day will consist of mandatory study time and classroom time. There will be a school schedule that alters daily with extra curricular learning.   


  • Our staff will be teaching, helping with homework, study sessions and keeping the students accountable 


  • All participants will be taking the Rob Skate Mindfulness class that was created for schools and currently used nation wide.

  • On this journey all students will explore their passion(s) and learn how to master that craft and turn it into a business (class lead by Rob)   

  • Additional classes (we encourage all however you must pick 1):

       - Wood shop (ramp building and fabrication)

       - Metal Shop (welding and cutting)

       - Aviation (learn to become a pilot)

       - Astronomy (Our galaxy and beyond) 

       - Science (How to use a microscope and the formation of Cells)

       - More TBA Soon!

  • In addition to the learning we are a skatepark so all students will have time to skate daily for their exercise. 

  • There will be snack and lunch breaks through out the day with healthy food options 

  • Lastly all students will have to follow our strict safety and health guidelines to participate (please reach out to learn more)  

Unfortunately there are limited spots available so if this is something you and your child are interested in please contact as soon as possible so we can get your child enrolled and begin this new way of learning.

School Schedule

Monday            8:45 to 2:50

Tuesday            9:15 to 3:00

Wednesday     8:45 to 2:50

Thursday          9:15 to 3:00 

Friday                8:45 to 2:50


14492 Wicks Blvd
San Leandro CA, 94577 USA