Our Bay Area Skatepark/

CV19 School Away From School 

Enrollment Opens Aug. 1st 

How It Works 

  • Must be willing to commit on a monthly basis


  • All students will have access to Wifi for classroom assignments followed by additional workshops, breaks and lunch


  • Daily lunch and snack options available 


  • Our staff will be helping with homework and have designated study times for your kid(s) to do assignments and prepare for upcoming tests or quizzes


  • We want to make sure your child is getting as much exercise as possible and having a great time while doing so, in this program we will be teaching all kinds of extra curricular activities as well as physical health


Unfortunately there are limited spots so if this is something you and your child are interested in please contact as soon as possible so we can get your child enrolled and begin this new way of learning.

Our School Hours 

Monday:                      9:00am - 2:50pm

Tuesday:                     9:00am - 2:50pm

Wednesday:               9:00am - 2:50pm

Thursday:                    9:00am - 2:50pm

Friday:                          9:00am - 2:50pm


$825/ Month with scholarships available 

Session Breakdown 


14492 Wicks Blvd
San Leandro CA, 94577 USA