Robert Ferguson

Professional Instructor 

World wide master instructor who's taught many of the top young rippers today. He is known for his patience, amazing teaching methods and the ability to draw out ones inner talent. 


Mr. Ferguson has taught thousands of individuals over the last decade of his teaching career and developed some of the best coaches in the industry.


Roy Christopher 

Master Instructor 



Currently a college student Majoring in communications and theatre. He's always smiling and loves to laugh. A cheerful, humorous, goofy, and comical person that see's things from multiple perspectives. Strong willed and persistent to advance and find a place in the skateboarding community. 


Nigel Jones 

Master Instructor 



Suuuuper awesome, crazy funny and overall a walking skinny ready bear. With his kindhearted passion towards teaching kids and years of experience Nigel has become one of the most respected coaches around.  



Joshua Ferguson

Master Instructor 



Current college student working to advance his career within the skateboarding realm. With years of teaching experience he's one of the best instructors around. Joshua is an awesome individual with a passion to uplift the youth.  



Chris Eseltine 

Master Instructor 



Super talented young instructor that helps in many ways outside skateboarding. He's polite, patient, understanding and further more a man with a big heart.  


Tanner Koutz  

Advanced Instructor 



A man with many faces. Tanner is a well rounded individual that has great ability on and off a skateboard. Great hard worker that's ready to take your child to the next level.     

Greg Lewis  

Master Instructor 

A well known LA bound instructor that has amazing teaching credentials. With over 8 years under his belt Greg's become a pivotal point instructor in many kids and teens lives. 



Jared Cooperstein  

Advanced Instructor 


A college student pursuing a degree in industrial design. He's a kind hearted and patient person that will do anything to make your child succeed.



Travis Sparaco

Advanced Instructor 



Always has a positive attitude and loves to have a good time. With years of experience riding a skateboard, he's the one guy who can make you laugh the hardest, and skate like an artist. He'll take you to the next level before you even know it.

Yanni Fourniotis

Advanced Instructor 



College student striving to get a degree in automotive also wanting to bring life to the new generation of skaters. He brings positive attitude to the sport and makes it fun, not a challenge. 


Antione Hart 

Advanced Instructor 



Antione is currently a college student, pursuing a Political Science Degree. He is fun loving, positive, and enthusiastic individual. He has been skating for years is very knowledgeable on the sport. He is highly motivated to help your athlete succeed. Never seen him without a smile.



Nathan Stark

Advanced Instructor 



Currently a college student studying communications in Colorado, Nate is a super positive guy and always has something nice to say. he has also  been an avid skateboarder and San Ramon skatepark local for years now and cant wait to teach the next generation of bay area rippers!  




Brian Linn

Advanced Instructor 



Young bright individual from Dublin Ca. Very energetic with a can do positive attitude. Skateboarding has been his passion for almost a decade and cant imagine life without it!



Adam Linn

Advanced Instructor 



Super nice and easy going guy who loves to skate and have fun. Enjoy's any outdoor activities such as hiking, skating and swimming. Been skating for 10 years and passionate to continue as long as possible.



Rachel Long

Advanced Instructor 



College student studying Welding with a passion for skateboarding, traveling, learning and creating whatever that can be imagined. Always has a can do attitude with a hands on approach, Rachel is driven to share skateboarding in every aspect of her own and others lives


14492 Wicks Blvd
San Leandro CA, 94577 USA